Monday, September 5, 2011

Uhhh... I think I'm a little sugar drunk!

    Today we woke up bright and early as usual since we have been in HI! As soon as we were up and at it we headed out the door to the bus stop. All we had to do was catch one little bus and transfer once to get to our destination, annnnnnnd WE DID IT! On the first try we successfully got to the Dole Plantation.

We did a quick little looksey around the place and saw the cutest little pineapples (and even some red ones!). The plantation had a train that toured the entire acreage and also is home to the Worlds Largest Maze!!! Being that we aren't the best explorers without some sort of map we decided against the maze, because we did not want to get lost forever! After we had a look around we came across some delicious looking fresh fruit. It was papaya  mango, bananas, and sugar cane from the North Shore. Boooooy it was yummmmy!!

After Dole, we headed to the little town of Haleiwa, HI. This is on the North Shore of the island. Not too touristy of a location, but is home to two delicious eateries. First though, we did some window shopping. There were several little shops that had awesome art and surf gear. After our window shopping the first place we tasted was a shrimp truck. Sounds funny, we know, but it was actually quite tasty! The name of it was Giovannis's Shrimp Truck. It is basically like a taqueria truck that serves fresh shrimp from the truck. Bec had the shrimp scampi and Kayleigh had the lemon butter shrimp. It was a success!

After lunch we headed to the famous Matsumoto Shave Ice. We just can't explain the excitement we had built up inside of us!!! We waited in line for several minutes, but it was worth it! The flavors we went with was Strawberry and Pina Colada, and The Hawaiian with Ice Cream (Coconut, Pineapple, and Banana. With ice cream at the bottom). Soooooooo amazing!!! Pretty sure it was Heaven sent :)

It was about time we headed home so we waited and waited on our bus. It didn't stop for us on the first time around, but scooped us up on the the next go-round :). At our transfer point we had an extremely animated homeless guy who was talking to us a mile a minute about just about everything. We smiled and nodded all the way until we got on our final bus. He was still chatting away as we drove away. Gotta love em. We safely arrived back at the casa and prepared our dinners that are way better than any of the 5 star restaurants Hawaii could offer! Thank you Ramen Noodles and Bologna Sandwiches...

We are preparing ourselves for our third try at finding a farmer's market. Tomorrow is the day we can feel it.. We think we can, we think we can...

Over and out  --  B and K

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