Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Last night we took a look at all the little shops on the main strip in Waikiki. There are tons and tons and tons of t-shirt shops! We headed towards the beach to catch the sunset. There, we saw a crowd of people sitting on the grass, and a stage and lights set up. We found a perfect spot to view the sunset, cute surfer boys, and a free! heritage program where the mayor spoke and dancers danced the story of the islands through traditional hula.We were thrilled :)
We headed back to our place, ate, and crashed out.
This morning we headed to Manoa falls using Hawaii's public transportation. We waited on a bus bench and we discussed our game plan on meeting people, and meeting our future hawaiian boyfriends, and why we are a good-catch, and while discussing such matters we were simultaneously applying deodorant and sunscreen...we might as well have been clipping our toenails and plucking stray hairs. WE HAD A GOOD LUAGH AT OURSELVES once we realized what we must look like... Anywayssss we must say, OAhu's public transportation is  a bit classier than good ol' Portland's. And we didn't get lost today. In fact, a girl was  nice enough to tell us that there was another stop that would take us closer to the trail.

The hike to the waterfall was basically an easy going muddy buddy. Over rocks and roots we went! At the top the view of the waterfall was quite  amazing! We just did not get enough of hiking soooo we decided to take a side trail. Good idea at the time... Lets just say that the muddy trail just got muddier and more narrow. Kayleigh being the deligent walker that she is wanted to try and keep her shoes as clean as possible so she was weaving in and out of the mud puddles. Bec gave up after she flung mud from her sandal to her face on the previous trail :) Well long story short Kayleigh was using some bamboo for support and ending up slipping and doing the nature's version of an eliptical for a few seconds before sliding to the trail. Hilarious. Proud of ourselves for not peeing our pants then and there!

After our hike back to the main road we stumbled across an arboretum (that is now pronounced abor-tree-um... okkk maybe you had to be there for that one). This was a gorgeous little path that led us to an inspirational view. After our rest.. Off to the city we gooooo. Back to Waikiki for some relaxation on the good ol beach!

It was the most perfect day for the beach! So super sunny, not a raindrop in sight...NOT. As we were were beebopping our way to the beach it was a raining and a raining. All the other beach goers were running back to their hotels, but not us. There we were headed to the waves with our snorkel gear in tow. The rain stopped when we got there and we enjoyed a lazy afternoon.

We had a date with the lady who is renting us the condo so we went to get a money order and rushed to meet her at 6pm in the lobby. We nearly had a collision with a jazzy red lexus but thankfully it saw us and embarrassed the heck out of us by honking at us :( oopps A guy came up behind us though and said,"Has that happened to you guys alot here? I don't know what it is about Hawaii but I've done that too, just walk right out in front of cars". hahaha As we continued our walk back we scored some coupons for happy hour! (we gratefully snatched out of the guy's hands).

We met with Irene, got the keys to our "permanent residence" (so excited to really unpack our bags), had dinner and that puts us where we are now, sitting on our lanai, enjoying the breeze and beauty of Hawaii!

Goodnight and aloha! :)

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

in Paradise

We made it safe and sound last night around 7pm. It was dark when we arrived so we could not see too much. We are staying at the Island Colony hotel/condominiums in Waikiki. As we drove through town, the streets were BUSY with people shopping at all the high end shops. It kind of had a Vegas feel. We were very tired so we went to sleep and were early to rise this morning! We were eager to get the day started. We got dressed, headed out the door about 8am, and began to do what we know best...WALK :) We didnt have to walk far though.Our rental is centrally located, which is ideal! Our jaws dropped when we got to the beachside of town. The water was gorgeous, the waves were out of this world, and the surfers everywhere. 
We had not eaten since 4 the day before, so food and coffee was on our mind too. We stopped and ate Crepes at "Crepe House". They were very yummy and the coffee  was amazing alone. After breakfast, we found us a spot on the sand to set up camp. This is where we spent much of our day. We layed out, people watched, swam, took a nap...and repeat :) Then we headed back to our room to change clothes and visit the local food pantry. Talk aboutsticker shock... we heard that meat, milk, and bread would be pricy but just about everything was. Apples were $2.49 a pound, oatmeal was $6.49 , and a loaf of bread was almost $5. It's wasy to say our baskets were light when we left. There is a big farmer's market wach Sunday, a "Chinatown", and another midweek market where we can get local produce that is fresh and at a better cost, so we look forward to that.
And as of right now... we are relaxing for a bit and pondering an evening jog.
We will post some pictures later!
We send lots of hugs and kisses!
<3 Kayleigh and Bec

Monday, August 29, 2011

HI Bound

Aloha :)
We are up and packing!
Our flight leaves Portland at 1pm and then we stop over in San Francisco...then we are on our way to Oahu! (We land around 7 pm their time)
We rented a place at Waikiki Island Colony. Mom's and Dad's, we will have all the important info: phone number and address, crime rate, unemployment rate... ;) later.
Love you all and will be in touch soon
Kayleigh and Bec

Saturday, August 27, 2011

2 for 1

Friday! End of the tough work week for most and we respect you, we do! As for us we are lucky enough to say that we got a nice start by hitting up the food carts for breakfast.. Went to Brunch in a Box. It basically offered fancy and delicious egg sandwiches... After we had our wiches we headed out to Mt Tabor Natural area. This is a little park tucked away in Northeast Portland. It is home to two reservoirs which was a new sight to see to both of us. We hiked  for an hour and a half and wanted more so we decided to make our way to "The Butte". The bus ride took forevvvverrr but we finally made it. At first, we felt like we were just hiking dirt trails in Texas but it turned into a gorgeous view of the mountains. We were in the park for about 2 hours. So by the end of it all we were some very tired puppies. We made it back to our neighborhood, stopped by Fred Myer's for some refreshments and pretty sure we were both passed out by 8:30!

Saturday (Bec's B-day eve)
We slept in, got a late start to our day but felt that the sleep was much needed. Our plan was to make it to Voodoo doughnuts again, but when we got there, the line was too long and we were not feeling patient. We walked a little bit and found an Irish pub/restaurant. We both ate a lunch that kept us full for hours!Next, we made our way to the oldest brewery in Portland, the Tugboat brewery, where much to our disappointment, it did not open till 5pm. Soooo we headed to the Saturday Market for some entertainment. There was food, beer, and vendors of every kind. The best part of it was the people watching :)

The Saturday market had everything to offer and we had to keep a tight hold on ourselves in order to avoid buying everything is sight! We window shopped and wondered in amazement for hours.. We decided to head out to Gresham, where we passed on Friday, because we saw super cute little shops. Guess those packed up and left sometime before the afternoon because they were nowhere in sight! Back on the MAX we got and headed to a local spot in our hood that had amazing happy hour offerings and pizzzzzzaaa. Once we got there we found a delicious local beer (Session) and friendly faces. We chatted with the owner (Luke) and enjoyed our goodies :)

After UFO Pizza we decided to go ahead and get Voodoo doughnuts in order to avoid the morning line.
And this is where our evening ends. Tomorrow is Bec's b-day so there will be much celebrating! Miss you all!  <3
Kayleigh and Bec

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Had a late start this morning! Took our time getting up and drinking our coffee! We had a bite to eat and we were off!

Head to the Oregon Zoo! Both of us were excited to hear you get 1.50 off with our MAX ticket! Wooo :)
We loved seeing all the animals, but were disappointed in the exhibits...
We passed through several without seeing anything :( We felt that it did not live up to its potential.

After the Zoo we went into Portland's city center and ate at "Taste of Paris".
We timed it just perfectly because we got there during happy hour! It was happy hour for food and beverage! Bec got a fancy french burger and Kayleigh ordered mussels cooked in chorizo...with french fries! We got cutsie drinks as well :)
Afterwards we made our way to Powell's Bookstore. Biggest bookstore ever! You could spend a day and a half there.
Then we made our way to a MAX to go back to our humble abode  and rest when we passed a placed that served gelatao :) And, well, it was delicious.
Theeen we took the MAX back to our place. We stopped by Fred Myers for a few necessities and took a timeout.
We rested for about an hour and decided that we wanted to go to Festa Italiana. We got dressed and poured us some wine to drink on the patio before we headed out. Well, our host came out, we chitchatted and before we knew it, she was along for the festivities as well :) We were anxious, and excited and nervous about her joining us. But she is a very sweet, laid back, and motherly type. We were more concerned about being on our best behavior.
     We got to the festival, bought some wine and pasta and enjoyed the music! The festival was held in Pioneer Square so there was a lot to see! It was a blast. We saw the cutest Italian couples (prob hitting the 100s :) dancing their life away! It was a perfect ending to a fantastic day! Of course what is next?! We hopped on the MAX and headed home. Only this time our host drove to the stop so no walking and walking for us tonight!


pictures are up on shutterfly
you can log on using Bec's



Day tree :)

This is going to be pretty short and sweet.... Here is what we did in a nutshell

Woke up and headed to Voodoo donuts which is delicious btw!(there wasn't a line at 9am!) After our not so healthy RASBERRY ROMEO AND CAPTAIN CRUNCH DONUTS, we headed over to the awesome awesome farmers market downtown.The vendors were real strict on not making the first sale until "the bell" rang. Buuut we were able to sample foods, and sample we did! All the different fruits, veggies, cheeses... it overwhelmed us.We  bought some cherries, peaches, strawberries, and fresh salsa and headed home to have a fruit/veggie buffet!

After we did that we headed out for our daily hike! As we were meandering our way to the trail we discussed how some boys in our life, past and present, and how they never notice the little things or give good compliments, and Bec decided the next guy that said nice things to her she would not let go (remember this detail for later :). Oh by the way, Council Crest is where we decided to checkout today! Absolutely beautiful!!

After hiking all day we retired to homebase for a few minutes to freshen up for dinner! We met Bec's cousin Denise and her partner Tonya! Awesome awesome people :). We also met several of their friends and went to dinner at the Shed. Once more very tastey!

As we rode the bus home Bec found her soulmate... Who cares if he was one of the deranged locals, he told Bec she was one Hot Ass MOFO... She'll take it :) Just joshing...still in search of that summer fling. Maybe tomorrow at the Italiano Festival :)

We got home later than planned tonight, but we made it home safe and sound :)
Good Night!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

So much to say about today... But first a shout out to our boyyyy Cory Foust.

The morning started started with a wonderful breakfast accompanied by delicious coffee. We then made our way to public transit once more. Our favorite, but today was different.. We zipped over to downtown and once more had a helpful stranger (outside Timber soccer field) point us in the right direction for the Rose Sanctuary. We had a friendly bus driver that was filled to the brim with funnies and knew all the locals by name. He dropped us off and we were on our way to the RS.

We arrived around 10:45 and there was a free rose garden tour at 11:30 but we were too anxious to hang around and wait to get into groups so we took it upon ourselves to tour the garden. The place was MAGICAL. It had roses of every size, shape, and color. We felt like we were in Alice in Wonderland. From the rose garden we went to the Japanese Flower Garden. Well, we went as far as we could until we got to an admissions booth and we didn't want to pay, so we decided to take the "Wild Wood" trail.

The Wild Wood trail was long, green, and peaceful. We definitely got a good hike in, about 2 and a half hours worth. We saw a snail, then slugs, and then ate wild berries :) Then we arrived at a Mansion where we used the restroom and took a picture, then continued on our trek that we thought would loop us around to where we began....but no. We were just hiking further and further into...well away from where we began. But no need for us to freak out, its not like we had a car to return to. Soooo we continued hiking and eventually ended up in a neighborhood. We had hiked all the way through one park...and all the way through another! We found our way to a bus stop and hung out for 15 minutes. We were laying down, singing, just living when the bus pulled up. We excitedly stood up, found our tickets and hopped on to be greeted by grumpy pants McGee who said, "You all sure were doing a good job at goofing off. Where are you all going, Im about to be on my break. You can either catch another bus or wait on the bus for 27 minutes". We chose to catch another bus that took us into uptown Portland where we ate a lovely lunch at "Sal's kitchen". Sal sureee knows how to make a nice Moscato.. Anywho the food was delicious and we got a few pointers from our waitress who suggested we head to the river....

So our trek began to this river. What do you know?? We walkeeed and walked and walked some more. Finally asked a guy where we should really be going and headed there. As we walked we tried our hardest to run from and irate homeless lady that was denied a bus ride...hmmmmm wonder why... and found food served out of food carts (that smelt amazing by the way...more on that tomorrow). We made it to the Williamette River and as you will see in our pictures it was just on the other hand the park that we were walking through had some questionable hippie/homeless/deranged folks scattered about. But all in all it was a nice sight to see (the smells not so much). We continued on to downtown where we experienced some hilarious encounters. For example: walking by a guy smoking a joint and then another passerby asking "Is that you getting high?? Sure smells like they got good weed around here..." We quickly made our way back to the familiar side of downtown to be greeted by the sound of bongo drums playing. Bec suggested we go to there to hear the awesome concert. Turns out it was one single boy trying to make it in the big city.   

As we walked to the familiar side we passed by Nines Hotel where the Chivas soccer team would be resting their heads until the game tomorrow... Needless to say we were in heaven for a few minutes as we watched the boys unload their bus. As we made our way through the sea of hotties we drooled and wished we did not appear to have walked 5000 miles today. Welp, you win some you lose some. Sorry to our moms... We wont be coming home with a soccer boy husband....

Our little feet were soooo sleepy so we decided to head out to our neck of the woods. We hopped on the MAX but got the great idea to stop at China Town. We never de see one Chinese descendant.. We were fooled, more like strip club and peep show town. Oh well! Back on the MAX we go.

We arrived back in our hood just in time to have a locally brewed brewski and read the local newspaper. Sooooo different than TX newspapers, but got some good laughs. Swung by Fred Meyers and picked up a six pack of Full Sail Ltd and headed to the casa.

On the itinerary for tomorrow: voodoo donuts, farmers market, hiking, food carts, and meeting up with Bec's cousin!

Check out today's pictures!!!!

Monday, August 22, 2011

We made it!

The day began with much excitement as we boarded the plane. Kayleigh had to do some sprint training as she rushed to Terminal  E... We debated giving up our seats in order to gain travel vouchers, but soon realized if we did that we would never make it out of Houston. So, we quickly decided against that and hopped on our plane to our destination! We even scored seats next to each other on a full flight! We sipped tomato juice and sprite (fearing to be frowned upon by requesting wine at 8 am :) AND argued about the time difference until we landed. Once we landed, we retrieved our luggage and got a bite to eat at the "Flying Elephant". We loved our sandwiches and our one beer each SO much that we would have been happy ending our trip right there, the very place we started it. We didn't know where we were going or what we were going to do from there. So we walked by the welcome center, felt too touristy, and made a B line to the MAX rail ticket purchase machine. BEST PURCHASE YET. We got on the MAX and headed towards our rental...

Well, we were basically dropped off on the freeway, with our luggage, didn't know what to do but walk. And so we walked...and walked...and walked some more. We weaved and wove our way through neighborhood streets, up and down some streets multiple times before having a seat in some shade when a sweet lady pulled up and asked us if she could help. She got us going in the right direction, and then we were asked by another friendly face if we were lost when we stopped on the sidewalk outside his house. Needless to say, we were very gracious and thankful for all the kindness we came across, AND the amazing weather. We would not have made it walking around in South Texas with all our loot.

We finally met our rental's owner along with a too friendly of a neighbor that was wayyy to excited to see two new girls wandering the streets of NE Portland. She showed us our cute little house for the week as well as a few secret passage ways to get to the rail. (no more walking for hours for us!) Next we thought it would be a grand idea to explore our new city! This boils down to spending several and we mean SEVERAL hours on public transportation. All we wanted to do was be one with nature but nooooo. We have witnessed Portland's finest, from tween lovers to the worst mother ever, as well as several feral children. Later in the evening we returned to homebase and dragged our sleepy and hungry selves to the grocery store to once again be overwhelmed by all OR has to offer.

We have high high hopes for tomorrow's agenda. Planning on touring the local Rose Sanctuary and making our way to nature.

 Kayleigh and Bec

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Hi family and friends!
Our adventure begins EXCITED!
The plane lands in Portland, Oregon tomorrow at 11:05.
We will be staying in a guest house until August 29th that we rented through airbnb.
I can not wait for some cooler weather :)
We are looking forward to everything that Portland has to offer; from the Farmer's Market to running  through Forest Park trails and then eating at Voodoo Doughnuts! AND celebrating Bec's birthday!
My plan is for us to blog about our busy day each night, so keep in touch and feel free to  send us any tips/pointers/suggestions!
Love you all