Saturday, September 3, 2011

lots of pigeons but no seagulls

Today we went and hiked the trail to Diamond head crater. We waited at a statue outside the zoo where we read in a tripadvisor article that "Every Saturday a group meets here at 9am to hike the trail together". Well we waited till 9:05 and wanted to wait no longer so we continued on our own, deciding we would make friends on the trail. On the walk to the trail we discovered that there was a big festival going on. Tents were set up, food was cooking, and art was being displayed. We also passed by what seemed to be a farmer's market of some sort. We were eager to complete our hike and then take a look around at these places. 
We walked a ways to the gate entrance where we paid $1. The hike itself appeared daunting but it was not. You get to walk through a tunnel, climb stairs, walk a spiraling staircase, and then climb into/out of a bunker then reach the very top. It was great, but very VERY busy. To any of you who may do this in the future: GO FIRST THING IN THE MORNING. The park opens at go early and beat the crowd. 
We made our way down and headed to the Saturday farmer's market but we were too late! Everyone was shutting down :( it it was about noon so we were hungry and it all smelled so good. Well, we were too late for that to that so we made our way to the Okinawan Festival. There was lots of food for sale and you could make your own bonsai tree! We looked around for a bit and went back to the condo for lunch. 
While we were getting ready to go to the beach Bec spied a guy at the pool in a thong and called me over to look. As Im walking to our balcony Im yelling at her to get her camera and "zoom in on that!". We were laughing and both at our balcony ledge when we hear from the side "I hope you are not looking at what I think you are...". It was our neighbor on his balcony! hahahahaa he knew what we were looking at :) All I could say was "OOPS". then we giggled our way into the room and laughed so hard. Twas funny.
We spent the evening at the beach and are now hanging out on the lanai where we have been waiting for fireworks that don't happen until next Friday. Miss-communications make life exciting!
<3 us

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