Thursday, September 8, 2011


Welp today was the day! Bec finally has at least figured out what she is doing for the next 10 months! Americorps notified her today that she has been accepted to serve at the Southwest campus in Denver. 

That set our tone for today! We hopped on the bus and were off to Hanauma Bay. The most beautiful place on Earth. We payed $7.50, watched a video telling us NOT to step on the reef/coral, then found a place to set up camp.
We were so excited! We grabbed our gear and went right in. We swam around for a little bit and laughed at us struggling to fix our masks and get the water out of our snorkels without stepping on any of the coral. We (more Kayleigh) had moments of simply floundering about :) 
We heard a group of people shout "turtle!" and so of course we swam ourselves over to where they were as fast as we could and moments later we saw it! We were so excited! We got one decent picture...but we will remember that forever. It definitely made our day.
We beached it for a bit, ate our lunch, then went back out for round 2.
Around 3pm we dried off and attempted to walk our way to the Halona Blowhole...but we quickly came to the smart decision that we should not try to walk... there was no room for pedestrians.. and no cliff for us to attempt to side-wind either :) We will take the bus another day and get dropped off at the appropriate stop to view this site.
We made our way back to the bus stop and chatted up a few people about hiking Koko park and the football game (Geaux Saints.... well maybe next time).

Now that we have turned over a new leaf of trying to be as cheap as possible we compared multiple locations and multiple brands of rum to make our wannabe mai tai... The $8.99 bottle we got was prob not the best choice! haha Buttt hey we're young. :) So we bought our ingredients and suffered through the first drink...Semi  enjoyed the second and, well, by the third we are good to go :)

 Aloha ahiahi ia oukou ----- Good evening to all of you

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