Friday, September 2, 2011

Makupu'u Point dayyyyyy


 Had somewhat of a sleepless night last night. Must have been all our napping during the day. So we were up and at em once again at 6:30! We had our breakfast and headed to the bus stop! We waited patiently for bus 22 to round the corner (i thought i was patient before, but this whole public transportation system has proved me wrong). When it finally pulled up to the curb, we hopped on and enjoyed the ride. It was a full bus ride but we managed to gran two seats. All the tourists were making their way to Hanauma Bay (We will be going there too one day). When the bus stopped at Hanauma bay, I went to tell the driver where we were going and ask how far the stop for Makapu'i point was. He responded with a giggle and said "There is no stop for that, I take you to the closest stop. Come up close so that I can tell you where you will need to go". That's us... two howlies not too sure where they are goin :) He was very sweet. He was sure to remind us to walk opposite of the traffic flow. "Because those guys, those guys will not be looking for you". He seemed to find us humorous, yet he was very concerned. He dropped us off at Sea Life Park and even escorted us to the restrooms. Then we were on our own! We crossed the street and walked up the highway of death! Ok it wasn't really that bad but it was a little scary and combined with our inability to take in the scenery and walk straight we had to really concentrate!!

We finally got to the trail-head and began our hike. There are no words to describe how beautiful this shoreline was. (if you look in our shutterfly account you will see the pics) The view was breathtaking! The hike was a fun one, and once we got to the normal look out spot we decided to go on and hike to the highest point on the mountain. This really got our adrenaline going. And once more the sight that we saw took our breath away!

After our hike up...well we headed down of course! Once we got to the bottom we discovered a side trail and being that we have no schedule we decided to follow it. This led us to a local hangout spot, so we kept our distance (as to not step on any toes) but enjoyed a little beach cutout in the rocky coastline. After cooling off we headed back to Sealife Park to wait for the bus.

Later in the afternoon we decided to venture into Chinatown...Booooy was this a grand idea! Ok, maybe not so much, but there were some cool things to be seen and Bec even bought a souvenir for her pop! In two other states we have yet to find a Chinatown like the one in San Fran. So, on we went. And what would our day be like if we didn't get turned around and get on the wrong bus. We rode and rode and rode that little bus...we looked up and we were the last ones on the bus. THAT IS NEVER GOOD. We got kicked off at the bus depot and took the familiar bus into Waikiki. After about an hour we were back on our street. wheeeww..
It was a quick stop for some beer and wine and then back at the pad for some Ramen noodle. Yes, that's right. It'll be a Ramen noodle kind of night just about every night.
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