Saturday, September 17, 2011

Good Morning!
We forgot to blog last night...
Yesterday we went to Sunset beach. We got an early start because the bus ride there would take almost 2 hours. But it was worth it! The beach was beautiful. There weren't but a few other people there, the water was so blue, yet crystal clear, and the sane was like little shell pebbles. There was a big shore break and a really strong current. You walked two steps into the water and it could pull you in, then push you even further onto shore. We had fun playing in the water (didn't venture in too far). At one point we were giggling and laughing so much we felt like 3 year olds that were seeing snow for the first time :)
We were hungry so we hopped back onto the bus and towards the town market. There we saw a Mexican food restaurant named "Cholo's" hahaha The prices were decent so we stopped in.
The food was ok, but definitely not the Mexican food we know. You all have no idea how much we want avocado. The ones in the produce section are gross, and the restaurants tell you that they are out of them or for a side ( more like a dallop) of avocado it'll cost you $6.
After lunch we got back on the bus for the 2 hour ride back.
We could have driven from CC to San Antonio in the total time we spent on TheBus today. Sunset beach was worth it though.
We got back to the condo, rinsed off, and then headed down towards Waikiki beach to catch the sunset and the fireworks.
Well we caught the sunset..BUT not the fireworks. We were in front of the wrong hotel :( But we were not the only ones who thought they were there! IT's ok though, we have one more Friday to see them, and we will see them!!
We are considering hiking the Koko trail this morning...considering *key word* And this evening  kicks off the Aloha Festival (a big block party). So that's where we will leave ya!
We love and miss everyone back home!

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