Wednesday, September 14, 2011

A Hiatus from our Hiatus :)

Weellll its been a few days since you have heard from us! Monday we finally made it to the Holona Blowhole!! It was a pretty cool little spot. When the waves come in it pushes water up through the hole in the rock. It almost looks like steam from a tea pot.

After the Blowhole we walked down to Sandy Beach. This was off the beaten path so it was mainly locals. It was also a no swimming beach which was A-ok with us because the water looked as though it was coming it at all different directions. The perfect spot that was semi-shady was just waiting for us. We dipped our feet in when we got hot and watched the surfers safely from the shore :).

It was around lunch time when we had to listen to our hungry tummies and head back to our condo. We lunched, napped, ran, and then we talked ourselves into experiencing the nightlife. It has been about a month since we stayed up past 9 pm but somehow we did it! Bec has always wanted to go to Senor Frogs, so that was our first stop. Since it was only 7:30 the bar was dead, we didn't stay too long there, but will likely return for Juan Wednesdays ($1 dollar tequilla!!! haha). Our next stop was Margaritaville for some drinks and Bec was ecstatic to catch the end of Monday Night Football!!  Kayleigh found Sashimi Tuna that she just had to try so she did. It had an interesting smell and wasn't cooked to Bec's surprise (yes mom, this is Bec typing :), After eating and finishing the game at Margaritaville we decided to head back to the street near us where it isn't too touristy and the prices are lower... Boy did we find out why.

Bec (living in her own little world) walked in to what we later found out was a gay bar, but we did find someone that had ties to some of the same people we knew! He lived in College Station for the past two years and recently moved back to Waikiki. He definitely gave us some good laughs and it was a good starting place to get our courage up for the rest of the evening. After we left there we went on to Nashvilles where we met a local Navy boy and a pilot that was in the area for a couple days. They were a lot of fun and we were happy to at least appear to not be two girls alone. We made friends with the guys and went on with our night. To Bec's delight we found a promoter with a bullhorn and convinced him to let her say something on it. Helllloooooo Hawaiiiiii is what she chose and the bullhorn was quickly taken away after we all discovered she really did not need it at all. The final place we went to was called The Sandbox, and Kayleigh met the local pimp. No worries she is not working for him or anything, but we did have some great laughs.

The night was one for the books and boy did we pay for it on Tuesday! Must have been staying up past 10 :). We have been resting ever since, but we are excited for our luau on Thursday!! Our goal is to hit the beach several more times, hike some waterfalls, and to go kayaking at a local beach!!

Talk soon. Love love  --B and K

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  1. haha spots are the best..that's where you'll have the most fun..stay safe....and have fun for me..
    my tenant backed out on me, and i ended up having to hustle and found a darling couple for arizona..and they'll manage the studio for me...i've been packing/moving into it..not bad..try not to junk it up to much will send pics excited about americorps..reality is a drag so enjoy this part of life while you can..hugs....hello hawaii to me...have you seen any whales yes?