Friday, September 16, 2011

Back on track

This morning we were both feeling up to par.
We were up and at it at 6:30 this morning.
We had our breakfast, coffee, and chocolate and picked up the weekly paper/magazines (we call it our literature) and found us a nice spot on the beach. We posted up here for quite some time. Then it began to sprinkle...and the sprinkles turned into a decent rain! So we packed up our things and went to the International Marketplace for a little browsing.
Twas about lunch time now so we headed back to the condo for some grub and just hung around till it was time to get ready for the "Creation" A Polynesian Journey show. This was our splurge for the trip. We went all out and purchased the ALI'I DINNER SHOW PACKAGE - 4 course "journey through Polynesia" menu, two complimentary "run of the bar" premium beverages, preferred seating, VIP entry, and a fresh flower lei greeting!
Plus we found a 25% off coupon that they recognized in one of the weekly papers.
Check in time was at 5:30 and it was  first come first choice seating, so we wanted to check in right on time and get the best seats... well, us being the gals that we are... we got dressed, were out the door, and were soon at the Sheraton Hotel where we ThOuGhT the show was taking place... :) Good thing we were a little ahead of schedule! We went to the front desk and asked if we could check in yet and the nice gentleman informed us that we were at the wrong location. Thankfully it was not across town, we just had to walk a little ways to get to the right spot.
We checked in, received our ticket stubs, received our lei greeting, and got in line!
We were silly excited :)
Once we got inside and seated, things got started fast! We both ordered cute tropical drinks just because we could (it was still too soon to thoroughly enjoy the adult beverages) and water. Our first course was butter, crackers, and a roll that had a purplish tint. The second course was fruit, salad, cocktail shrimp, and smoked salmon. The main course was broccoli, carrots, rice, lobster, and filet minion. For dessert, there was macadamia vanilla ice cream dipped in chocolate, whip cream, a biscotti, strawberries, and some other lemon tasting dessert. It was all delicious and we definitely cleaned our plates! It was a nice change from Ramen noodles :)
Soon after, the show began! I don't even know how to describe it to you all... But it was wonderful and gave us some good laughs, and lasting memories. Now for the dancers/performers, the girls were pretty and talented and all BUT the men... they were gorgeous :) We had to pick our jaws up a few times ;)

After the show, the performers came out to the lobby and although we did enjoy (who are we kidding...LOVED) them, they were intimidating in real life. And our goofball selves ran out of the hotel blushing and wishing we were not so silly and a little more daring!! :) As we were leaving the lobby a couple English boys came to Kayleigh and before the boy could finish saying "Will you do me a favor??" Kayleigh decided "Heck Yes!!!". He was nice enough to say "Wait. You don't even know what the favor is..." He was trying to cash in his money for US dollars, but we were not able to since we didn't stay at the hotel. It was pretty hilarious to watch and we giggled about it all the way home. The night, all in all, was a huge success, and we have finally found Kayleigh's type and it is POLYNESIAN FLAME THROWERS!!! :):) And of course Bec enjoyed it to the fullest and fell in love 500 times over again!

Tomorrow we are going to get out to Sunset Beach Park on the north side of Oahu. XOXO

--Bec and K-Lee <3

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