Thursday, September 1, 2011

hotel to condo to homeless...almost

We were eager to get to our condo this morning so we packed up everything and headed to room 2311. We were pleasantly pleased. We have an awesome view of the mountains and the canal, and even some ocean view. The room itself is much brighter and we feel more at ease. We quickly made ourselves at home and unpacked. Then we went to buy our bus passes. With the pass you can get anywhere and everywhere on the island. We definitely thought about renting a car because it would get us places faster, but pretty sure that would end up being a disaster. One of us is severely direction-ally challenged and the other one easily spaces out :) We will leave the driving to someone else. We also bought postcards! So be check your mail! And if we don't have your address, text it to us! Then we went grocery shopping for some basics. We were both sleepy and lazy today so we just hung around the condo and did laundry and what not. We were to meet with the tenant to give her the rest of our payment at 5:00, so we headed out to get the rest of our money. Well, long story short, it was 4:55 and we were still short due to maximum with-drawls and maximum transactions taken place. We were stressing. We didn't feel like we could call the tenant up and explain the situation so thanks to a last minute lifesaver by Bec and a thanks to Discover, we were able to withdraw the last bit through a credit card. EEsssh Here we were all settled in, even took a nap in the room and we were about to have to leave at 5 in the evening because we couldn't make the payment. hahahaa
This evening we went for a nice run down the canal. It was lovely. (Brother Greg- You would have loved our run)
Tomorrow morning we are going to Makapu'u Point to hike, check out the tidepools, and the blowhole!Then we are adventuring  to Chinatown!
We miss everyone!
Love K and B

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