Sunday, September 4, 2011

Sunday Funday

...still waiting on those fireworks ;)
We slept in a little bit later than usual this morning. After breakfast we made our way to the Okinawan Festival. We went into a tent that had all different types of plants. There were orchids of every color and lava plants, and vegetable and fruit plants. We went into two food areas, one was giving free samples :) We tried the pickled cucumber and the pickled melon. Thumbs up on the cucumber, not so much for the melon. There was a stage with performers that were dancing/singing/playing the drums. The little kids who performed were adorable. The festival was packed and it was already very hot so we made our way to the shade where along the fence line of the zoo, local artists displayed their artwork (they do this every weekend). We saw some beautiful artwork! But of course, the majority of it was way beyond our budget.
Next we walked down the strip that we had yet to venture to. Many of the stores were the same, and then you had your COACH, LOUIS VUITTON, PRADA, BURBERRY and so on. CrZaY. Bye this time we were getting hungry for lunch. We walked our way to the opposite side of town to the "Rainbow Drive-In". It was fast, cheap, and good! Bec had a cheeseburger,fries, and a drink for $5 and Kayleigh had a tuna fish sandwich  coleslaw, and a drink for $5.
After lunch we wanted to go to WALMART. Our neighbor told us to go there for groceries instead of the Food Pantry. So we made our way but went into Ross's so Kayleigh could buy some new shoes since she had to finally part with hers at Diamond Head. We had some fun there and then went to WALMART. We were so excited to see that you can buy bread for $2, yogurt for less than $1, and lunch meat AND cheese without emptying our wallets. We bought a couple of things and that is where we will be going from here on out!
We came back to the condo in hopes to hit up the pool, but the sun was not shining over it anymore. So we rested our feet for a little bit and then went for another lovely run on the canal.
Tomorrow we will be visiting the Dole plantation and enjoying some Matsumoto Shave Ice along with whatever else we can get ourselves into :)
Good Night
We love and miss everyone back home

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