Monday, September 19, 2011

Hele me kahau 'oli - go with joy

Hello all!
Yesterday we started the day off with another great hike at Hanauma bay. Then we cooled off and had some lunch at the beach across from Sea Life Park. There were many boogie boarders, and we even got a peep show from some British tourists who chose to change into their swimsuits on the beach and failed to do so inconspicuously.
After we got enough sun, we went back to the condo to shower and change.
And after a quick jam session to "Tutti Frutti - Little Richard", we walked to what we thought was the Tutti Frutti  yogurt shop, but it ended up being "Yogurtland". Either way we were excited. You get your cup/dish and you can choose from about 12 different and delicious flavors and then you may add just about any topping you can imagine to your yogurt! We will definitely be making more than one trip here....there are just too many yogurt flavors and toppings to chose from!
Kayleigh's choice for the day : strawberry, mango, coconut, yogurt with fresh kiwi, mango, and blueberries
Bec's: Dutch chocollate and devils food-cake cupcake batter with fresh strawberries

Our evening consisted of some much needed laundry doing and surprise SuRpRiSe! Our first beer since our evening out last Monday.

Today September 19, 2011
We gave ourselves a break and slept in until 8:30!! Wooo sleepy heads :).
We did our usual routine and set out to Maunawili Falls. We had quite the day on Public Transit! We haven't had an adventure like this in a while. At our first transfer we waited FOREVER, but we finally caught it and were off! The directions got a little hard to follow at some point so we enlisted the help from a few locals and still didn't get too clear of directions but we went to wait for the new bus at a stop near a hospital.. After debating on if we had to pee bad enough, we sneakily got inside and stole some bathroom time :)

Our bus finally arrived and we headed to the falls. We started in on the trail and boy was it muddy! As we walked along the muddiness multiplied but the sights around us were absolutely beautiful! The hike was perfect, nice and easy but sooo pretty. We eventually got to a fork in the trail and were taking a minute to decide when  we heard a voice say to go left.. Ok, not as cool as it sounds. Just another hiker who had been on the trail before! We went through woods, mud, and finally water ans ended at a really cool secluded waterfall! It wasn't too big but awesome nonetheless. We watched the daring guys jump from the lower ledge and even a super tall ledge that was definitely scary to watch! After some rest we headed back down the trail. The angels above must have been taking extra care of us today, because we slipped and stumbled all the way day but somehow we did not fall. This was a definite surprise to us!  

After a full day we headed back home and washed up then cooked some din din!!
TTYL  --K and B :)

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