Saturday, September 24, 2011


     So our time is quickly coming to an end on our great adventure! We are fortunate to say that we have done everything that we have wanted to do! This morning we woke up extra early, paid our 5 million dollars for Starbucks (ok, not really that much :), and set out to see the sunrise. Beautiful is just about the only word that can describe it. We watched from the beach closest to us (Waikiki Beach), and saw the sun as it peaked over Diamond Head Crater.

Today our goal was to hit the last site we want to experience before we leave. The Byodo-In Temple. It was built without using any nails. We have seen pictures and it is just wonderful. We had our route all set, and after breakfast we left to catch the bus. Our first leg of the trip went super smoothly, then it was time to transfer. Ohhhhh boy were we in for a curve ball... We sat and sat annnnnd waited as patiently as possible. Bec even had time to make a fool out of herself talking to a local (surprise surprise!!). After over 2 hours later. That's right. TWO HOURS LATER we borrowed a schedule someone pulled out of their bag (they were also waiting on the same bus) and discovered that particular bus would not be running for another four hours... OOPS!! Sooooo, we headed home to eat lunch then took our daily nap :). We later went to Heaven on Earth AKA--> Yogurtland!!!

We ended our night watching the spectacular sunset and finally we got to experience the fireworks we have been chasing for the entire month we have been here. It was breathtaking to watch in the sky and also the reflection in the ocean. We were so happy to finally get the full effect of the fireworks in our perfect spot that we watched them from!

Tomorrow we are going to try and find a bus that will go to the temple without having a transfer that we have to wait six hours to catch :) See yall soon!!! XOXO  --Bec and Kayleigh

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